Three years since I updated this site and unfortunately I do not have anything new to add this time really. I'm still lurking around though so you never know what the future might bring.
Two major updates:
  • Moved site to
  • Licensed all graphics available on this site under a Creative Commons BY-SA license. More information available here.
Added a new version of my Moon #3 number set. New version #3b has all red anum_* textures.
Three new releases which of two comes wrapped in paks:
  • Texture set for the map Skull Hunt by Zaka. Check it out here!
  • Complete set of menu graphics for EzQuake 1.9 and newer. Check it out here!
  • New version of my 256x256 charset. Check it out here!
Replacement textures for the classic FFA map A2 (Return to Atlantis) by Pingu can be downloaded from here!

I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere but most of the textures that can be downloaded from the maps page are scaled down to half its (my) original size! This is mostly due to the fact that I want it like this when playing to keep EzQuake from overflowing. My point is that if there are someone interested I could probably put my originals up as well.
I've been thinking about doing textures for ztndm5 for a long time not only because it's a good map but also because I think the original textures doesn't look that good.

A big obstacle texturing the map was the huge number of textures used, approximately 40. I've tried to reduce the number of textures, for example by using the same texture were there earlier were three different colour variations. Now the map have a more uniform look which was exactly what I was aiming for. I could of course have put down a lot more work into this texture set but I think it's good enough as it is, hope you agree?

The texture set is semi-faithful as most of my previous sets are and hopefully it'll make someone's online Quake experience a little more enjoyable :).

Check it out here!
Summer is here and so is my new Aerowalk texture set. It's a bit darker and in my opinion a better texture set than my old one which you can found on the QRP download page.

If you have any comments regarding this new Aerowalk texture set or any other graphics found here let me know about it in this thread over at the forum.
I've put up a new graphic section - Maps - which starts off with textures for both Pkeg1 and UltraV. Textures for Ztndm6 will soon be completed as well.
Almost a year and a half since last update which in many cases would be a solid proof of an abandoned site but I can assure you that I'm still here and I have no intention of leaving Quake anytime soon :)

As you can see I managed to create a new design for my site. I know that people would probably be just as pleased if I'd put up all of my stuff in a web folder or on but for my own satisfaction I've created in my opinion a quite nice new home for my graphics. I've also put up a new section called 'Ongoing projects' to keep track of the different projects I'm working on.

Now over to what this site is all about - Quake graphics - so what's new:

Almost all charsets have been updated in one way or the other. This doesn't necessary mean that they will look better than the old versions, only different. I've also made many of the charsets take advantage of the 'gl_alphafont' feature (ezQuake) even though it's not that big of a visual change for most.

There are some totally new sets of numbers and some of the old ones have been updated.

Added one new conback.

Added the 'semi-faithful' wad (hud) that I made a while back.

Lastly I would also like to thank my brother for letting me use some of his webspace - thanks bro.

Lately it has been a struggle to get anything done but here's some half-finished stuff in time for Quake's 10th anniversary:

On and off for some time I've been doing replacement textures for the original v_weapons models. My initial intension was to finish them all before releasing them but now I'm releasing them in their present status. Axe is missing and some of the others should need more work but try them out and let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll try to update them sometime in the future.


I've made a new version of quake's original charset. It's 1024x1024 so it's only worth trying out if you're playing with high resolutions. I'm using it with 1024x768 with conwidth 320 which is ok but not perfect.


Been a long time since I've updated which is mostly due to the fact that I haven't really done anything to put up here. As I stated in my last post I've been busy doing textures for the ongoing Quake Revitalization Project which you can find information about here.

Anyway here's some new stuff:

  • Faithful replacements textures for bmodels
  • Unofficial QRP conback
  • Quake conback
  • Changed/added some sets of numbers

All my available time goes into the Quake Retexturing Project right now, so I probably won't be able to do any other graphics for some time! My plans to update my charsets/numbers and make a faithful set of menus will have to wait.

(Added a "new" conback 3 months ago!!!)
Been a while since I updated but here goes:
  • New site design!
  • One set of menu graphics!
  • New charset and numbers matching the new menus!
  • More.....
Happy New Year! I've made 2 simple conbacks and I've updated just about every charset!!! If you've downloaded a charset earlier and have experienced bright dots or similar in it's edges, try downloading it again.
Christmas update!
  • Two new charsets - Effie and Copperplate!
  • Matching sets of hud numbers too each of my charsets!
  • More.....
Since I started to use Illustrator to make my charsets it has become so much easier and faster to get a good result. Check out my latest efforts on the graphics page!
Added two 256x256 versions of my latest 512x512 charset. Added a link to Fuh's 24bit charset guide over at Minor layout changes!
Made some changes too my latest charset. Increased the width etc.
Finally I got something new to put on display. I have been working on different types of charsets over a long time but never got completely finished until now. It's a 512x512 charset for those who runs in high resolutions and need big letters!
Added the set of hud numbers which I made to go with my 2 first charsets. You'll find it under graphics.
Thought I try putting up some of the stuff that I've made so far. Check especially out my version of simple modelset for Fuhquake under the "graphics" section.